Jared Smith

    The Real Estate Investor

    I specialize in residential resale and rental income properties in the Southeast Valley of Arizona and Northern Ohio Cleveland Area. I am also a real estate investor over the past 7 years and growing my portfolio through the BRRRR method (Buy, Rehab/Repair, Rent, Refinance & Repeat).

    I self-manage my personal portfolio of both single family and multi-family properties. I live by the rule of Two’s. $222/month of Cash Flow or 2% method where I only close deals that bring cash flow of 2% of the purchase price. For example: $200,000.00 purchase price needs to yield $2,000.00 monthly cash flow.

    With the stock market being extremely volatile, I strongly believe in real estate for building long-term wealth.

    I have been recruited to consult for the Kenny Klaus Team for Keller Williams to help homeowners and investors make the most important purchase(s) of their lives! This is a passion for me so I will only take on a limited amount of clients at each time – so please call!

    Jared Smith
    The Kenny Klaus Team
    2919 S. Ellsworth Rd., #133
    Mesa, AZ 85212

    Jared Smith

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