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Category: Homeowner Information

    Arizona Homeowner’s Annual Checklist: 6 Essential Things You Need to Know

    By Scott Kooiman | November 6, 2023

    Join us for a special episode of the State 48 Homeowner Podcast as we discuss the six crucial annual maintenance tasks every Arizona homeowner should prioritize. From AC unit care to roof inspections, pest control, and more, our guest expert, Paul Stratton from Stratton Inspections, shares valuable insights to help you keep your Arizona home... Read More

    Digital Security and Protecting Your Home Tech | State 48 Homeowner Podcast

    By Scott Kooiman | October 16, 2023

    In this episode of the State 48 Homeowner Podcast, join Scott Kooiman and T.J. Watson as they dive into the world of digital security and protecting your home tech. With an increasing number of scams and cyber threats, it’s crucial to take steps to keep your personal information safe. T.J. Watson, owner of Bits and... Read More

    From Ashes to Triumph: Stories of Fire Recovery and Resilience – State 48 Homeowner Podcast Episode 110

    By Scott Kooiman | September 11, 2023

    The Klaus Team’s Shane Goff and Kenny Klaus share their personal stories of overcoming devastating fires and rebuilding their lives. Shane shares his journey of rebuilding his home, which was completely destroyed by a fire originating from his neighbor’s property. Kenny recounts the experience of the destructive fire that consumed the original Hub Grill and... Read More

    Episode 100: Homeownership and the American Dream

    By Scott Kooiman | July 3, 2023

    In this special 100th episode of the “State 48 Homeowner Podcast,” host Scott Kooiman invites his niece Sarah Walterman and her husband Caleb as they discuss their whirlwind romance during the COVID-19 pandemic, previous rental experiences, and the joy of building equity along their homeownership journey. Discover the difference between renting and owning, and the... Read More

    Episode 92: Water Conservation and Management | State 48 Homeowner Podcast

    By Scott Kooiman | May 8, 2023

    Mesa City Councilmember Scott Somers sits down with Scott Kooiman to talk about Colorado River water issues, Mesa’s water management, and ways Arizona homeowners can conserve our most important natural resource. Read More

    Fixing Pipes from the Inside

    By Scott Kooiman | April 10, 2023

    Klaus Team Agents Angela McInnes and Scott Kooiman talk with Toby King from NuFlow Services about how they are able to fix pipes from the inside out without property destruction. Read More

    Outdoor Living Spaces Options and Trends

    By AJ Cedo | March 27, 2023

    Landscape Designer Jeff Held with Sonoran Landscape Design talks with Scott about the current trends and options for outdoor living spaces, including ramadas, outdoor kitchens, pool remodels, and even pizza ovens. Read More

    Conquering the Home Budget

    By AJ Cedo | March 13, 2023

    Scott Kooiman talks with Ramsey Trusted Real Estate advisor and Klaus Team Realtor Rick Collins and Ramsey Coordinator and Klaus Team Transaction Manager Christine Matthews about their experiences with home budgeting, credit, and saving money. Read More

    Are You Underinsured?

    By AJ Cedo | February 27, 2023

    A recent study revealed that 3 of 5 American households are underinsured. Andrew Lee from Lexington Insurance Services returns to unpack that concept with host Scott Kooiman as well as discussing specialty coverages and fire subscriptions for people who own homes in unincorporated areas. Read More

    Market Update: Rates, Market Balance, and More…

    By AJ Cedo | February 21, 2023

    Steve Farrington with Cross Country Mortgage and Klaus Team Lead Listing Specialist Kraig Klaus talk with Scott Kooiman about rates, market balance, and changes to the buy then sell program that benefit sellers. Read More