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New Designation Launches to Train and Resource Real Estate Agents in Marketing to Real Estate Farms

MESA, Ariz., Sept. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The Certified Local Market Expert Designation, a new professional training program, launched today at their website,, to help real estate agents understand the concepts of geographic farming, branding, and marketing and to equip them with the steps, tools, and resources to build a real estate farm.

Real estate farming, a term used to describe marketing to a focused geographic area, is a hot button issue in real estate circles today due to its effectiveness especially in the current market conditions.

Agents who farm consistently are successful, even when market conditions shift, because they can adapt their business without changing the way they reach consumers. With a consistent brand identity and marketing presence, farming agents are a trusted member of the community and the go-to for anything related to real estate, and tend to get higher commissions than other agents.

CLME was founded by Kenny Klaus, one of the nation’s leading real estate agents and farming experts. Averaging over 450 transactions a year, Kenny’s team was named the #1 Keller Williams team in Arizona for 2012, and was ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the #4 team in Arizona overall.  Farming two ZIP codes in Arizona since 2001, Kenny has built a business that has grown consistently, even during the Arizona real estate crash.

“We have found that one of the best ways to serve an area is by farming.” said Kenny Klaus. “Our communities are best served by the fact that we know the hyperlocal real estate market as well as the area better than anyone else in that geographic area.”

The CLME curriculum was developed by Kenny Klaus and Scott Kooiman, who heads up the marketing department for Kenny’s team, based on their farming experience, additional research, and interviews and collaboration with some of the top farming agents in the country.

CLME members gain access to the eight class training course taught both live via webinar and also accessible on demand. Courses teach an introduction to geographic marketing, how to choose a geographic farm, the basics of branding, how to develop an individual brand, how to market effectively to a geographic farm, connecting with businesses in a farm, how to be a local market expert, and how to effectively farm past clients and niche groups.

The CLME Designation helps agents get a firm grasp and introduces great tools for brand development and brand management, but also provides them with resources such as Kenny Klaus’ Listing Presentation and the proven forms and systems that the mega team uses.  Other benefits include a walkthrough of Kenny’s community newsletter along with how it is made. Members enjoy regular bonus webinars including interviews with top farming agents, topics related to marketing, branding, farming, and more. Agents also enjoy collaboration with other CLME members around the country to share resources and best practices with each other.

CLME also provides members with a monthly marketing idea, giving a recipe for a tried-and-tested marketing campaign geared especially for a focused geographic farm area.

Agents can complete the course via live webinar in as little as 4-6 weeks or at their own pace using recorded webinars available on the site.

For more information, visit Certified Local Market Expert at

Media Contact: Scott Kooiman, CLME, LLC, 480.354.7344,

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