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Rental Prices, Rental Scams, and a Pathway to Homeownership

In this episode of the State 48 Homeowner Podcast, Scott Kooiman talks with Klaus Team Lease to Own Specialist Renee Smith about rising rents, how to avoid rental scams, and the pathway to purchase we call Lease to Own.

State 48 Homeowner Podcast

Arizona is a unique landscape. We have our own weather and climate. In our world as real estate professionals, we have met a lot of people who wish there was an owner’s manual for Arizona homeowners, so we decided to create the State 48 Homeowner Podcast.

Each week, we’ll discuss a relevant topic for Arizona Homeowners and bring in the experts to help understand how we can best care for our homes. We’ll talk about how to keep your AC operating at its fullest, what to do after a monsoon, how to snake-proof your yard, and what other things we need to know about Arizona wildlife and plants.

We’ll talk with plumbers and roofers, landscapers, and painters. We’ll talk about what remodeling projects make sense for resale value and which ones don’t, we’ll talk about pools and landscaping, garages and kitchens, and every other aspect of keeping your Arizona household not only as a great place to live, but protecting your investment at the same time.

We’ll also keep you in tune to the state of the current housing market and new opportunities you might have as a homeowner to make a move, make the most of your mortgage, and we’ll look at other ways to manage your equity as well.

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