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The Cost of Comparison: Learning to Make Smart Financial Choices | Episode 143

Dive into the differences between smart and normal consumers in this episode of the State 48 Homeowner Podcast. We sit down with Ramsey Certified Financial Coach Caroline Kelly explore the hidden costs of comparison, impulse spending, and the pitfalls of credit card usage. Discover practical strategies for becoming a smarter consumer and managing your finances effectively. Learn about the concept of “failing forward” and how to use credit cards responsibly.

Klaus Team Real Estate Solutions is a Ramsey Trusted Real Estate Partner.



0:00 Intro
0:59 Smart Consumers
1:50 Failing Forward
5:44 Strategic Action
8:32 Call us First
9:02 Biggest Pitfalls
11:02 OK in Their Own Scale
14:27 Comparison Creep
15:29 The Swipe
17:15 Solutions
17:49 True Cost of Credit Cards
19:31 Being Smart with Credit Cards
23:47 Bet on Yourself
24:13 Having Good Credit – But Not Using It
27:40 Everyone”s Situation is Different

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