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You have choices.

Know your options so you can choose responsibly.

For most options that buyers and sellers have today, the Klaus Team can help.

If we can’t help you and there is a better option for you, we’ll tell you and we’ll help you connect with the better solution.


We can help you with

3 Day Listing™

We premarket your property, limit showings, and bring you each buyer’s highest and best offer.

Buy Then Sell™

Enjoy the certainty of buying the new home you want first, then selling your old one!

Multiple Instant Offers™

We’ll bring you multiple instant offers in a side-by-side comparison without sharing your personal information.

Go To Market™

There’s nothing “traditional” about the tried and true method of listing your home on the market and holding multiple open houses to attract the most buyers for the highest offers.

Terms First™

Why let everyone in your home? We premarket your home and allow showings only after terms have been agreed upon by both parties.

Concierge Repairs™

Your home may bring more money with repairs and updates. We can help you make repairs paid for by proceeds from your sale.

Rental Conversions™

Are you an investor with a rental property that has appreciated? We’ll help you convert that into multiple rental properties with deferred taxation.

First Time Home Buyers

Enjoy benefits for those who are first time buyers or those returning to the idea of homeownership.

Cash-Backed Offers

In this competitive market, stand out with cash-backed offers on the home you love.

Lease To Own™

With this Rent-First Solution, start building long-term memories by renting, then convert your rental to a purchase at a later date.

Self-Directed IRA Investor Launch™

Want to start to build generational wealth through real estate investment properties? We’ll connect you with solutions to convert your investment accounts to a Self-Directed IRA, then help you start your rental property portfolio using your IRA!

Track My Equity™

Track your equity, save more money, and build wealth faster with your free wealth management tool from the Klaus Team! Know exactly when to buy, sell, rent, or remodel to maximize your investment.

  • Full Service Listings
  • Limited Service Listings
  • Owner Occupant
  • Rental Properties
  • Competitive Markets
  • Flexible Commissions

and so much more!