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Klaus Team Real Estate Solutions: Cash Offer

Buy the home you want with a cash offer.

Get approved to make the most competitive offer in real estate and avoid moving twice, overpaying, or missing out.

No application fee. No obligation.

Work with us to make a cash offer and get moving.

Buy With Cash

You’ll be three times more likely to beat financed offers and see 2-5% discounts in non-competitive situations.

Buy Then Sell

Secure your next home with cash and avoid the risks of selling first.

Win the home you really want with a cash offer.

Be ready to make an offer as soon as the home you want comes on the market.

Eliminate home sale, finance and appraisal contingencies to make your offer more competitive.

Make a cash offer, which is three times more likely to win.

Buy with confidence, then move on your terms.

Know where you’re moving before you sell.

Move when the time is right for you, not because you have to — even before you sell your current home.

Avoid moving twice and paying two mortgages by buying, then selling.

Work with a market expert.

We know the market better than anyone.

You’ll get first access to the newest listings.

Our results speak for themselves.

A calmer, more convenient way to buy.

Here’s how it works:

Get approved.

Our financial partner approves you for a specific amount so you can start shopping and be ready to make an offer as soon as the home you want comes on the market.

Make a cash offer.

We work with you to make a cash offer on your new home. Cash offers are three times more likely to beat financed offers.

Win the home.

After the seller accepts your offer, we finalize the purchase. You have a few tasks to complete, too, including paying your earnest money deposit, scheduling an inspection, and signing mortgage disclosure statements.

Move into your new home.

You’ll close on your home as soon as the title is ready. You can move in the very next day and rent from our partner until you buy it back.

List and sell your old home (if you’re selling).

We list your existing home and sell it for top dollar. Our partner is able to provide a floor price guarantee to most homebuyers. So if your home doesn’t sell in six months, they’ll buy it from you.

Buy back your new home.

You finalize your mortgage and close on your new home by buying it back.

No One Sells More East Valley Homes than the Klaus Team!

Since 2003, The Klaus Team has been serving the East Valley. Experts in Arizona Real Estate, with over 100 years combined real estate experience, we strive to exceed our client’s expectations. The Klaus Team is recognized nationally not only for its proactive and innovative approaches to selling homes, but also for its groundbreaking approach to providing instant offer services to their clients.

The Klaus Team has consistently been ranked by the Wall Street Journal and Real Trends in the Top teams in the U.S. since 2010. We have been voted Best Realtor numerous times by the Readers of the East Valley Tribune. For over ten years we have consistently sold on average at least a home a day.

The Klaus Team offers unparalleled service to ALL clients seeking Phoenix Arizona homes for sale. Your complete satisfaction with our service and representation is our number one priority.