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How to Choose a Buyer Agent

Everybody Knows a real estate agent. The world is full of people with real estate licenses. How do you select the right agent to represent?

Researching Agents

First things first, head to Google, search for the agent or team, and check out reviews from past clients that have an impressive track record of results. Do they service your home search area?Do they deliver a consistent five star experience? These are the questions you should be trying to answer about them.

Interview Agents

Next interview. Now be sure the agent shows up prepared to explain their process for helping buyers like you. Do they have a presentation? Do they ask good questions? Do they actually listen to your answers to those good questions? Do they feel like somebody that you can like and trust? Are they more interested in finding more about you and your journey or telling you about them and their business?

Working with Friends and Family

Be cautious working with friends and family as your agent. Simply due to obligation, especially if you wouldn’t choose them otherwise. It’s not easy to be objective about these things, and you owe it to yourself to be exactly that. You need a trusted real estate professional with proven strategies to win in today’s market.

Strategic Guides

You need a strategic guide. What’s the difference between the average agent and a strategic guy? The average agent gets by on handshakes and promises, but they lack real time market knowledge. They only close a few transactions for friends and family per year and client reviews. Now there are few and far between. The strategic guide will offer proven processes and winning strategies that hyper local market expertise, and they’ve got a track record of results and five star client experiences. Don’t take our word for it. Google Klaus Team Real Estate. See for yourself.

Solution Based Agents

Here’s just a few key ways we help our clients when we have more programs for buyers and sellers than anybody else. We’re programs for first time homebuyers. We can help you buy first, then sell your home later using your equity as a down payment. If you’re currently renting, we can help you build a plan for the future by earning credit towards your future home purchase from the rent that you’re paying now. We have negotiation and offer writing strategies that help you beat the competition. We have saved our buyers and sellers thousands and thousands of dollars by negotiating not only offers but inspections, repairs, appraisals and more.

Post-Closing Support

We help you close with confidence, and when you close, we don’t go away. We’re here to keep your experience strong. Even after you’ve bought your home by answering questions, keeping you updated on your home value, and giving you access to trusted vendors. We remain your trusted guide for years to come, and that’s by the majority of Klaus Team. Clients choose to use us again years later for their next moves.

Buyer Agent Fees

When considering how you want to be represented, when it comes to how buyer agents get paid, there’s no upfront fee for a client to receive strategic buyer representation from the Klaus Team. The buyer broker representation commission fee is a negotiable part of the closing fee that is included in the purchase price of a property, and a Klaus Team agent only gets paid at closing when you achieve your goals to purchase the right property for you.


Bottom line, when it comes to buying or selling real estate in Arizona, you deserve better than an average agent when you make your choice. We recommend that you seek a strategic guide for your next real estate journey.