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Search NEW Home Builds in Arizona

With historically low inventory in today’s market, more buyers are considering new home construction.

Buying new construction is different than buying a home for resale, and smart buyers are turning to seasoned agents to ensure the best experience from seeing the models to moving in.

You Can Often Buy First, Then Sell if You’re Already a Homeowner.

If you’re already a homeowner, you can Buy First, Then Sell and still take advantage of those great builder incentives! You can time your move in date more conveniently, move in, and then put your home on the market after you move into your new home, and still use your equity as a down-payment on your new build home.

Smart Buyers Are Represented.

Whether you go to that first visit to the models with an agent or not, you’ll work with a real estate agent. The problem is, the agent at the models is the builder’s agent, and they represent the builder’s best interest, not yours.

Smart buyers bring their own agent to ensure that their best interest is considered. They bring an agent with experience selling retail homes in that area, so they know how to not only protect your best interests on the purchase, but how to set you up for success when you sell the home in the future.

Smart Buyers See the New Home Purchase as an Investment.

Smart buyers are not just buying a place to stay, but considering the long-term investment of the purchase. The location, orientation, and size of the lot can impact the resale value of a home and how it compares to other properties.

“The builder’s agent has a responsibility to sell every lot in the development,” said Kenny Klaus. “We can help you decide if your home’s location makes sense for the time you’re in the home, and how that will impact your resale value in the future.”

Smart Buyers Investigate Upgrades

Model homes usually present the home with upgrades that don’t come standard. An experienced buyer agent will help smart buyers consider all upgrades and evaluate if it makes sense now or later, and give input as to how the upgrades can impact resale.

Smart Buyers Consider Future Development

In five or ten years, what will the neighborhood and area look like? Seasoned local market experts will know what the future development plans are for the region and can give insight on whether the area will be able to handle growth and expansion.

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